Are You Ready To Grow Your Business With Targeted Content That Engages Your Audience?

Providing content that speaks to your target market’s needs and desires is critical for building your brand, building trust with your prospects, and building lasting relationships with your customers. 

By sharing thoughtful and helpful content with your audience, you build credibility and goodwill. You establish your expertise and you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to buy.

Here are some of the ways I can help.


Content Strategy and Ideation

Every piece of content you publish should fit into a larger strategy – a plan to create and nurture a long-term relationship with your target audience. 

If you’re just getting started with your content marketing, and aren’t yet sure what your target audience needs to learn from you, I can help you map out a strategy and content roadmap to make sure your content will be useful and engaging for your audience. 


Copywriting and Content Development

Solid on your message and positioning? Great! If you already know the type of content you need, I can develop high-performing marketing assets to educate and move your audience to take the next step with you.


Blog posts and articles – Thoughtful content about emerging trends or common challenges shows your prospects that you’re on top of your industry. Keep them informed and engaged, share personal experiences, and stake out positions on important issues.


White papers and e-books – Long-form content can educate your audience about important trends or challenges in your industry. Position yourself as a trusted advisor and thought leader, as you nurture your prospects through the sales cycle.


Case studies – Specific stories about happy customers are compelling social proof of your expertise and value. Nothing showcases the value of your offering better than the story of someone who has already purchased and used it.


Email and landing page copy – Email is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience, whether you’re nurturing new subscribers,  publishing a new e-book, or hosting a webinar. Make sure your emails and landing pages stand out with conversion-focused copy that moves your readers to take action.


Editing and Ghostwriting

Putting a human face on your company’s message is highly effective in building trust. Communicating a vision and taking a stance from a place of leadership are powerful ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Whether it’s a book you want to polish or an op-ed piece you want to put out in the world, I can help you craft a message that reflects the tone, voice and position you want to stake out — and bring your audience along with you. 

Have a project in mind?