A few samples from client projects … 


Omega Compliance, a global supply chain monitoring firm, was launching a new supply chain transparency certification for online retailers. 

To establish their authority in this new market, Omega Compliance commissioned a thoroughly-researched e-book, The Elements of Ethical Manufacturing, as a cornerstone piece to generate interest among merchants and consumers for this new offering. 

e-GUIDE FOR enjoyhQ 

Enjoy HQ, a SaaS-based UX research platform, realized that many of their trial customers weren’t seeing the full value of their product because they struggled to organize their data.

To help their trial customers see results faster, EnjoyHQ commissioned a practical guide on how to create data taxonomies, so that their trial customers could quickly extract insights from their customer data – and convert to paid users on the EnjoyHQ platform. 

WHITE paper for thinkRF 

ThinkRF, makers of RF spectrum monitoring equipment, saw an opportunity in the emerging 5G wireless equipment market, where wireless providers were faced with new test and monitoring requirements to accommodate new wireless frequencies.

As a smaller-sized equipment manufacturer, ThinkRF was competing against much larger incumbents in this space. ThinkRF commissioned a white paper to position one of their offerings as a cost-effective solution to extend existing test and monitoring equipment for wireless providers, while taking full advantage of the capabilities of higher spectrum frequencies.   

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