A few samples from client projects … 

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Online Help


A SaaS-based social media management company needed online help articles for their Social Advertising and Insights (social listening) products, including conceptual and task-based information, to support customer enablement.


Hootsuite (Internal)

The User Education team needed to modernize the voice and tone of the company’s Help Centre content. As part of the larger effort to create a Style Guide, this infographic summarized the core principles of conversational writing.

How-to guide

EnjoyHQ (now User Testing)

A SaaS-based UX research platform realized that their trial customers needed a practical guide on how to organize their data so that they could extract insights quickly and easily — and convert to paid users on the EnjoyHQ platform.


Omega Approved E-book

Omega Compliance

A global supply chain management firm was launching a new certification program for online retailers, and needed a deeply-researched eBook to establish their authority and generate leads.



An enterprise Database-As-A-Service (DBaaS) commissioned an email sequence and landing page for a webinar to educate prospects on a key value proposition of their solution. 

Landing Page


The landing page for webinar registration matched the message in the emails driving to the page, and highlighted the value proposition for prospects to reduce friction and encourage registration.

White paper


An RF equipment manufacturer saw an opportunity in the emerging 5G wireless equipment market and commissioned a white paper to position their offerings as a cost-effective solution.

Sales Page

Horizon Peak Consulting

A B2B content agency created a course on how to research and write white papers for copywriters looking to add these projects to their services, and commissioned a long-form sales page to sell the course.

Articles & Blogs

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - Kimmage Grove Media by Anne Kavanagh

Thought Leadership (Various)

For examples of standard-length and long-form blog posts, see the following:

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