Every Successful Project Starts With A Rock-Solid System

We follow the same process with all our clients to make sure every project gets off on the right foot — and stays on track.

Introductions & Discovery

After initial contact, we’ll ask for some additional initial information from you (via email) about your business, what problems you want to solve with copy or content, and general budget and timelines. If we’re confident we can help you, we schedule a complimentary call to dig a little deeper into the details and discuss the scope of your project. If you aren’t 100% clear on what kind of content you need or what message you want to deliver to your audience, we can schedule an additional paid roadmapping session to dive deeper and work out who your target audience is, where they’re at, and how you can most effectively reach and move them.

Project Estimate & Scheduling

Once we have a clear picture of your project requirements and scope, we put together a project proposal outlining goals, deliverables, estimated timelines and a firm quote. If you accept the proposal, we send you our contract for signature, and an invoice for 50% of the project fee to reserve time in our schedule. You also get a confirmed project start date.

Research and writing

We get to work. We start preliminary research for the project, and create a detailed outline for your approval. Once we confirm we’re on the same page, we dig further into the research and start writing the first draft. During this writing phase, we’ll check in with you regularly to let you know where we’re at.

Review & Editing

When the first draft is done, we get it over to you for review. Every project includes one round of edits, to make sure you’re completely happy with the piece. Once we get your feedback, we incorporate your comments to finesse the piece further and make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the result.

Final Delivery & Wrap-up

Once we’ve addressed all of your feedback, we deliver the final copy and generate an invoice for the balance of the project fee. Once the fee is paid, we transfer copyright to you and the content is yours!

Have a project in mind?