A Conversion-Focused Copywriter

Writing with passion and empathy, not hype


Have you ever worked with a copywriter who had great writing skills, but struggled to get their head around the real meat of your offering and your industry?


Or maybe you’ve hired someone with strong technical chops, but who couldn’t seem to write anything that didn’t read like a technical spec? 

Finding a copywriter with fluid writing and persuasion skills and an aptitude for digging into your area of expertise can be a tall order. It’s even harder to find a writer who understands the audience you’re trying to reach.

Someone who can pick out what matters and communicate it in a way that connects with your prospects, and gets them to take action. 

You’ve found that copywriter!


Hi, I’m Anne Kavanagh.

I help smart brands develop value-driven content that builds their authority, connects with their audience, drives action — and gets results. 

Before launching my copywriting business, I worked in the tech sector.  For over 15 years, I worked alongside engineers and IT professionals, translating complex technical information into clear and actionable content for customers — without dumbing it down. I learned how to separate the wheat from the chaff, and get to the heart of what matters to the reader.

From large corporations to start-ups and solopreneurs, the goal is always the same:  clear and authentic communication — with the audience at the heart of everything.

Having worked on over 20 different products & product launches across a variety of industries, I know how to ramp quickly on any subject area. And rest assured, I know how to prioritize work and am obsessive about deadlines.

A genuine curiosity about ideas and people is at the heart of all my work. I have a PhD in History, and beyond simple storytelling, I love answering the “so what” question in everything I write. Because that’s what your reader wants to know too.

Every project gives me the opportunity to learn about new ideas and make them interesting to other people — all while helping businesses grow and delight their customers.